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Hello there! 

I’m Kayce, the founder and creative designer at 3 Peas Prints. It's so sweet of you to stop by!  I know you are super busy so I will give you a little "about me" and then you can get back to your shopping!

3 Peas Prints was born in May 2011 as an outlet for my love of celebrating life's special events.  I was simply creating invites and party decor for my own kids' parties and before I knew it I was doing the same for family and friends.  I never imagined how many people would eventually like and enjoy my designs.

I am thankful that these creations are so appealing and that I get a happy feeling in my heart knowing that I have played a small part in making somebody's day more special.

3 Peas Prints is a family endeavor.  Each of us has talents and contributes in our own way.  We hope you find something pretty that we can make especially for you!